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Profound Market Insights

Omega Group has created breakthrough opportunities for clients for more than 35 years by listening to and amplifying the voice-of-the-customer. At the core of Omega’s work are unique processes and methodologies to convert marketplace insights into actionable strategy and execution.

Who We Are

Breakthrough opportunities through discovery

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Exploring the Domain of Knowledge

Omega Group’s methodology targets the unknown rather than a list of questions that need responses. By focusing on this type of open thinking, Omega Group embraces the idea that there are not just existing questions to be answered, but whole new areas of inquiry to be discovered—previously unrecognized issues at play in the marketplace which cannot be uncovered through traditional research.


Discovering the Core

Who people are (be) determines what they do, and what they have.

Omega Group’s approach focuses on the essence of the consumer, patient, and/or physician because true value lies in understanding not only the observable and measurable actions that people take, but also the source and the results of those actions.

The learning provided by the model serves as critical input to understanding the target market, positioning the brand, and developing effective communications


Learning through Observation

Omega forces clients out of “the stands” and onto the court – where the real action takes place – to uncover the fundamental commitments and concerns that drive customers’ actions and determine their choices.

Evan Grove

Research Director


Tom Borger

Senior Strategy Advisor

Amy Weiseman

Senior Marketing Advisor


Ann Davis

Senior Research Advisor

Anna Idler

Research Specialist


Jean-Marc Choukroun

Senior Strategy Advisor


Gaby Ott

International Research Advisor

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